Photo store, huge inventory, education center

Alain Briot
Arizona based landscape photographer, essays, trainings, workshops

Apogee Photo magazine
On line photo magazine with lots of interesting articles

Arthur Morris
Birds as Art, books, CD's, workshops

B&H Photo
Photo store, huge inventory, education center

Better Photo
Excellent site for photographers, on-line courses, contest, websites such as this one.

Bird - It Aint Just Birds
Forums, Critiques, Info, and fabulous bird photography

Brenda Tharp Photography
Informative website with stunning images.

Camera Naturalist Photo Club
Outstanding photo club for NJ nature photographers.

Friends of Great Swamp
Dedicated to the conservation of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey

Great Swamp, National Wildlife Refuge
Near Basking Ridge and Chatham, NJ, wildlife and wilderness areas, lots of trails.

Jim Zuckerman's Photo Blog
Very informative

For photography training

Luminous Landscape
Articles and trainings

Mike Hagen Out There Images
Photography monthly newsletter, general photo info, assignments, and Nikon info and updates

Moose Peterson
Wildlife photographer and biologist, blogs and short instructional videos, updates on Nikon products

My BetterPhoto Gallery
Daily postings and BP contest awards

North American Nature Photography Association

National Wildlife Refuge Association
NWRA- Protecting America's Wildlife

Nature Conservancy
Protecting nature

Nature Photography Blog
Informative blog from Christopher Dodds

Info on Nature Photography

Nik Software

Nikhil Bahl
Creative and inspirational photographer, workshops, tours, and a wonderful new e-book priced at $10.


Website for Nikon users

Photo Focus
Well organized and informative blog-newsletter.
Forums, feedback, reviews and more- very informative!

Photographic Society of America

Really Right Stuff
Tripods, Ballheads etc.

Thom Hogan
For detailed information on Nikon and other products

Tim Grey
Photography info and training site

Tim Grey Videos
An excellent resource for Photoshop users, along with samples from his DVD series.