My name is Debby Lewinson. I am the President and Executive Director of ALLEGRO School and Programs in Cedar Knolls, NJ. This is a nonprofit organization providing lifespan services for individuals with autism. Photography is a hobby that is useful in my work and vital to my recreation. After work hours I can be found at a lake, arboretum, the beach, or wildlife preserve.

My first digital SLR turned a lifelong hobby into a passionate pastime. For many years I took family and vacation photos in auto mode. My first digital camera allowed me to play with apertures and shutter speeds and see immediate results on the monitor. Photoshop allowed more opportunities to create photographs rather than snap shots. With so much more to learn I turned to the Better Photo Website and enrolled in my first photography class. Eight years later I've learned a lot and am more confident as well as self-critical.

Artist’s Statement

It is the wonder of nature that attracts me, and that wonder includes its rhythm, harmony, tonality, and composition.

While I enjoy all aspects of photography, my true passion is in nature photography.

More than a beautiful scene, nature consists of elements large and small that deserve attention and are often overlooked. The natural world includes things we miss or cannot perceive. Using techniques such as split second timing or slow timed exposures, and assorted lenses and filters, more of nature can be revealed in photographs than is apparent to the naked eye.

Wildlife intrigues me because animals make so much sense. They have their own societies, social structure, and habits that are inborn and instinctual. I like to capture the beauty of wildlife which often requires knowledge of the animal’s habits and habitats. The importance of a wildlife image is in its story.

As a nature photographer I try to tell a story, share a mood or emotion, and demonstrate nature’s beauty in a way that is both personal and engaging to other viewers..